Hawaii Trip Report – Sierra Foley and Teddy Relan

Here is a short trip report about a trip to Hawaii I went on several months ago, with details on where I saw a Hawaiian monk seal!


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  • Jon Hall

    Great report Sierra. You are an inspiration to mammalwatching parents everywhere: see, thee is hope- not everyone’s kids are as disappointing as mine! I can actually imagine your dad in a Hawaiian shirt … but he’d be sipping on a pot noodle, Papua style.

    • Sierra Foley

      Thanks Jon! Don’t worry – I wasn’t always mammal obsessed, I was forced into it by the numerous amount of trips my father forced me to go on when I was little, I just eventually decided to stop resisting and give it a try (: I have heard the stories of the pot noodles in Papua – they will forever be a favourite in our household!

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