Help to identify a small bat in Albania

On a recent trip to Albania in May 2024 we found a small bat dead on the ground under a highway bridge – Derven north of Tirane. I would appreciate any suggestions about which species it was. A selected number of pictures show both the nose, tail, ear angles, toes as well as back and belly. Thankyou in advance.

I have added an extra picture which illustrates it’s size compared to a finger (we didn’t have any measuring tools with us at the time). I think from the toes, tail and face that it should be a Horseshoe species!?

We found the T2 Thermal Imaging for Iphone very useful in the field as it allowed the group to have nice views of night active animals and even Little Owl and a Nightjar in a field. Species from one week included: Golden Jackal (seen with T2), Brown Hare, Badger, families of Chamois seen 3 days, Brown Bear – initially spotted by the T2 on a daytime scanning of a mountain in Valbone, a Red Fox being shot at by an angry mountain farmer! – and then the small bat in question.

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