Help with Bat ID from Ecuador

Hello all Bat-experts and others… 🙂


Need some second opinion (…end even first) on some Bat species found in Ecuador on my recent trip there.
Apologize for the unprocessed photos (overexposed in the flashlight) and also some mobile shot because of too big lens. But I hope that they are good enough…

1. Is this Montane myotis (Myotis oxyotus) ?
Found on an altitude around 2800m in an abandoned hut some 20-30 minutes walk from the lodge. According to Jon Halls trip report from here it should be this species?
Small bat 8-10cm.


2. Some kind of Platyrrhinus sp. ??
Found in an abandoned building at altitude 1600m in a group of seven.
Slightly bigger than the “myotis” described above. With distinct markings on it´s face and a clear white line on it´s back.


3. Could this be Seba´s short tailed bat (Carollia perspicillata) ?
Also found in the abandoned house at altitude 1600m. That makes me hesitate a bit is that this species usually is found below 1000m and this is well above it but that may be irrelevant.
Any other idea?


4. The last one from the same abandoned house at altitude 1600m.
Looks like the Common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus) to me?
With the very pale/silver underside.


Hope for some second opinion on those guys so that I can get started with the trip report 🙂

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