Iberian Lynx in Sierra de Andujar, Spain. Feb 2023

Attached is a trip report about three full days spent seeking and successfully viewing Iberian Lynx in Sierra de Andujar Natural Park in Spain.  The Iberian Lynx population is very healthy now due to many years of excellent conservation work, so its a great time to go.

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  • MrFotoFool

    This report is extremely helpful. I was there once in 2010 and saw a lynx up close, but it was predawn and I did not get good photos. I am returning in late February 2024 to spend three days (last trip was two days). Also good to hear Andujar has ibex which I did not know. I did a search (both general internet and Google maps) for the hotel you mention and nothing comes up. Can you provide a link?

  • ChrisD

    This was the hotel: https://www.gatoclavo.com/. Enjoy!

  • MrFotoFool

    Much thanks for the hotel link. When I went in 2010 we stayed at Los Pinos which was a good location but the room smelled of cigarette smoke and the workers were smoking inside the reception area. I emailed them yesterday and they replied they clean the rooms but cannot know if people are smoking inside during their stay (which implies they still allow smoking). Did you notice this problem at your hotel?

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