Iberian Lynx in Spain 2022 – Trip Report

Cat Expeditions led our annual Iberian lynx in Spain photo tour to southern Spain. Iberian lynx are never easy, but we got to see four different individuals, with the closest sighting being just three meters away. Our final mammal and bird list wasn’t extensive but we treasured out time with red deer, and some nice songbirds. Check out the report for details and some of the photos of the trip!

Cat Expeditions – Iberian Lynx of Spain 2022 Trip Report

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Sebastian Kennerknecht

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  • MrFotoFool

    Thanks for report. This is timely as I am likely about to book a winter photo trip to Spain (mainly for architecture) and was going to book two days in the lynx blinds, just like you did. Since you had zero sightings in the blinds I am having second thoughts. (I have seen a wild lynx on a previous trip, but it was before dawn with only blurry photos).

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