Iceland July 20th to 24th mammalwatching embeded in a visit to friends…


I made a trip with my partner to Iceland on July 20th to 24th 2023. This was not a mammal watching trip only, the main focus was to visit her friends in Reykjavik, but i managed to squeeze in a whale watching trip and we had a surprice encounter as well.

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Lars Michael Nielsen


  • Jon Hall

    Iceland is indeed a truly lovely country. And you did really well with the cetaceans! So great to have seen Orca’s from the shore.

    • Lars Michael Nielsen

      We felt very lucky to see the Orcas (and Humpbacks) from the shore, even more so because it was a true surprise and the numbers of individuals. It was an amazing end to our trip. Yesterday I got Hired to lead a hiking trip on the Laugavegur next summer, so now I know when Ill be back and even be paid for it :D. I plan to spend some time before or after the trip driving around looking for mammals (and birds).


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