ID help – bats in the Dominican Republic

Hello fellow mammalwatchers,
I need some help/confirmation for some of the bats I saw on my visit to the Los Patos caves in the Dominican Republic 2-3 weeks ago. Pictures are not the best as my photo gear is not really made for anything that’s further than a metre or two away from me. But maybe there’s some experts out there that will know anyway.
Based on this guide ( my best guesses are:

Picture one: Eptesicus fuscus
Picture two: ?
Picture three: Erophylla bombifrons
Picture four: Brachyphylla pumila(?) (& Erophylla bombifrons)


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  • Jon Hall

    Im on my phone but I think 2 looks like a funnel-eared bat. We saw Chilonatus micropus there. I don’t recall if there are other options there

  • Jon Hall

    I have made the pics larger… not sure why they were so small

  • Jon Hall

    I ran these past Fiona Reid who is the bat guru and was with me in the DR. She said

    The top one is a molossid, most likely Tadarida brasiliensis (Nyctinomops is similar but has bigger ears)
    2 yes most likely Chilonatalus micropus. There is a Natalus there too, but it has relatively smaller ears
    3 yes Erophylla looks good
    4 I think Brachyphylla on the big clump and prob Erophylla below.

    I can’t be sure from these if there are any Phyllonycteris poeyi in the last 2 images. Not enough resolution/detail.
    I suspect that is as good as you are going to get. Jon

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