IT’S A WILD LIFE! – TRIP REPORT CENTRAL CHILE 2021/2023 – Updated & Extended Version!

Happy New Year everyone! Another trip report!

We, Rob Jansen & Romy Jansen-Houtzager, are two enthusiastic nature lovers who travel the world together to search for stunning birds, fascinating mammals and incredible nature. Our world travel (with the title: It’s a Wild Life!) started in October 2021 in Chile, where we bought a car to drive through South-America in search of birds and mammals for about 2 years. Both in the beginning as in the end of our journey we visited the central part of Chile around Santiago, and of course we wrote a trip report about that:

This trip report covers the region of Central Chile, most places mentioned are within 1.5-2 hours from the capital Santiago (except for RN Las Chinchillas).We visited central Chile as part of our world travel from the 10th of October till the 2nd of November 2021. We visited this region again shortly at the end of our travels in December 2023.We observed a total of about 317 bird species and 15 mammal species in NW Argentina. Mammal species seen include Chilean Chinchilla (yes, really!!), Common Degu, Coruro, Sei Whale, and South American Sea Lion.

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All the best, Rob & Romy

Rob Jansen – Bird & Mammal Trip Report Chile (2021/2023)

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  • vnsankar

    Wow. The chinchillas are amazing, and with such brilliant photos too!! Great detective work tracking those down. Someday…

  • RobJansen

    Thanks! I think it literally took me 30+ hours to track down the precise area where we could still see them just reading articles, books etc, converting a specific set of coordinates in a weird configuration (which took a surprising amount of time for some reason), plus the time going there to actually get to the area. Luckily permission on site was not too hard from the locals, and the search was rather easy!:)

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