It’s World Wildlife Day: mammalwatching and conservation

Happy World Wildlife Day!

When I think about the future of the planet’s wildlife I usually find many more things to worry about than celebrate. But I believe mammalwatching’s potential to help protect biodiversity is a cause for celebration. Some  very respected people agree and they are getting more and more excited by how our hobby can to contribute both to conservation and science while still being the world’s most fun-filled sctivity (especially if your idea of fun includes ticks, leeches and the risk of tropical disease).

In fact mammalwatchers are making a big contribution already. Even the UN says so, and here’s a story they just put out on what we do. So if your friends and relatives look deeply confused when you explain your holiday plans involves bats and rats rather than all inclusive resorts then look no further ….


Big thanks to Mogens Trolle for letting us use his superb Mandrill pictures

But this is just the beginning, and we would love your ideas on how we can do more.

Charles Foley, the team at Felis, Martin Royle and others have joined in preparing information for this site that looks at how we can maximise the potential benefits that mammalwatching can make to conservation & science while also minimising the harm.

This is very much a work in progress and we would love to hear your comments and suggestions on how to improve it.

  • What is missing?
  • What isn’t clear?
  • What else we could prepare?

If you have a few spare minutes please take a look at these pages and let us know your thoughts.

Mammalwatching and conservation

Offsetting carbon emissions … we would also like recommendations for reputable mammal-worthy projects that we can easily donate carbon credits to

Mammalwatching guidelines … a shorter simpler set than before

Advice on how to travel ethically and sustainably

Ways to support your local guide

Thank you!

I hope we all have a chance to enjoy some of the world’s wildlife this weekend



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