Jaguar Land Bolivia 2021

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  • Prim8Pal

    Great report. How were you able to charge your camera batteries in Jaguarland if there was not electricity?

    • gaeaston4

      I wasn’t able to charge batteries while at Jaguar Land but had electricity at Kaa Iyaa. Bring an extra battery, a solar charge option, or minimize flash pictures to conserve battery while at Jaguar Land.

  • craig9563

    Great report -thanks.
    Craig , Melbourne, AU

  • stevebabbs

    I emailed about the charging batteries question and I got the following responce –

    Nicks Adventures Bolivia
    15:20 (1 hour ago)
    to me, John

    Hi Steve,

    In Jaguarland the accommodation is camping but there is electricity to charge your cameras etc.

    Kind regards,

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