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I am an absolute wildlife nut who has 3 weeks off work in January and is looking for somewhere to travel to see mamal. I am based in Spain.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated and it would be great if i could join any trips going on at that time ?

thank you



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  • Moses Swanson the XVI

    If your knew to the hobby and looking for a starting country you could read my trip report on Zimbabwe a very succesful trip with over 20 species seen. If your more veteran to the hobby you could go to the Pantanal which I hear is a great place to go mammal watching, would love to go someday.

  • flothj

    Thank you for your response, I am certainly not new to the hobby at all and have travelled a lot, though not to the pantanal nor zimbabwe. I will only have about 10 days, so travelling time from Spain would be ideally kept at a minimum.

    Further ideas very welcome
    thank you!

  • tomeslice

    Not sure where all you’ve been before, but January is a great month for Uganda!

    Mammal watching there just keeps getting better, too!

    Alternatively, January is one of the best months for the Colombian Andes, according to Rob from Wild about Colombia 🙂

    My final suggestion for a January Safari would be the Saharan desert – Western Sahara, as January is an ideal time for that region as well.

    Best of luck!

  • flothj

    I am tempted by the uganda suggestion, i have yet to see gorillas or chimpanzees, any reccomendations for companies or guides here most welcome! is it possible to just fly to Entebe or kigali and just organize everything from there without having to go through a highly expensive tour company?

  • flothj

    Does anybody know of a guide or operator on the ground in Gabon that they could recomend?
    thanks in advance

    • Jon Hall

      Gabon is a bit complicated and the main local operator only deals with groups rather than individuals, plus I think January is not a great time to visit. I agree with Tomer about Uganda. Argentina and Chile could also be great in January – I was just there.

  • flothj

    Ahh what a shame, i have done a fair bit of southern and eastern africa already and was always hoping to one day see western africa due to the huge difference in fauna. The prices look rather steep for me too in Gabon
    thanks again

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