Join Me in Madagascar Oct-Nov, 2023!

Hello all! I am extremely excited to announce plans to finally visit my number one destination: Madagascar! I have reserved Patrick, the same guide Jon Hall used during his trip in 2022. The first leg of my journey is at capacity, but I am looking for additional travel companions for the second leg in the North and/or the third leg in the South. These trips will be very mammal focused, but of course we can also spend a short time with non-mammals. Expect full days of both diurnal and nocturnal mammal watching (including a thermal imager).

Generally, it will look something like this:

2nd leg (The North): This itinerary is set to leave Tana by plane early morning on Oct 21st and return to Tana on Nov 1st. We will largely cover the sites Jon Hall did for his Northern Madagascar trip (Marojejy, Daraina, Andrafiamena, Amber Mountain, Ankarana, Ambanja, Nosy Be, & Andamoty) with the additions of Antsohihy, and Ankarafantsika plus an additional night at Amber Mountain to increase the chances for Falanouc. Other targets include Silky, Golden-crowned & Perrier’s Sifaka, Ring-tailed Mongoose and Aye-aye. If interested I can provide a full target list.

3rd leg (The South): This itinerary is shorter and will leave Tana on Nov 2nd and return to Tana on Nov 7th both by plane. Then we will drive between Itafy, Zombitse, Tsimanampetsotsa, Berenty and Andohahela. Top targets include Grandidier’s Mongoose, Ring-tailed Lemur, and Petter’s, Hubbard’s, and White-footed Sportive Lemurs.


Please email me at if you’re interested in the exact itinerary and pricing.


Also, it’s fast approaching but for anyone interested, a spot has opened up on Royle Safari’s Javan Rhino tour for June 1st-10th for which I will be the tour leader.

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giant eland


  • tomeslice

    That’s a nice picture of Madagascar you put up there, Alex.

    Also, I’m saddened that you will be cheating on me on 2 of 3 legs of the trip..🤪
    but in reality I’m just jealous that while I’m now beating you by 1 primate, you’ll be well ahead of me after this trip 😞

    • giant eland

      Haha thank you Tomer. Glad you liked it, I drew it myself!

      And yes cheating on you indeed. Don’t take it personally, at least there will be no additional servals.

      A small update for everyone, I now have 2 people interested in joining for the 2nd leg, but still looking for a fourth (and or 5th), especially if they’re also interested in also joining for the 3rd leg.

  • ChadJ

    Weird for this to be my first post on the site, but I am in on the second leg. Can’t wait! My first trip to Madagascar! Thanks Alex for putting this together. And hello to everyone on Mammalwatching. I started with birding, then added fish and nudibranchs and now am trying to focus more on mammals and herps. Lemurs and chameleons are going to be perfect…

  • Esadalla

    Hi Alex,

    Happy to be part of 2nd part of Madagascar also!


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