Kefalonia/Greece: How to find a Mediterranean Monk Seal – this time for real

After searching for a Mediterranean Monk Seal in vain in the Northern Sporades in 2023, I found it in Kefalonia in June this year. Here is my report.

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Ralf Bürglin


  • Mattia from Italy

    I’m sorry Ralf, but to visit the waters in front a breeding cave of a Monk Seal with pup is a very bad idea. Disturbance is the main problem for this rare and unique species. It everybody behaves like you, we can say goodbye to the last Seals…

    • Ralf Bürglin

      Thank you very much for your comment, Mattia. Apparently I was not able to describe the situation so that you can understand it. I try again: The described Monk Seal site is a very busy place with probably hundreds of swimmers, snorklers, divers, kayakers, people who get drunk, singing and dancing on boats anchoring right in front of the seal cave – every single day during the season. My job as a journalist and naturalist is to witness, describe the situation and draw conclusions, so that the situation can be improved. I did all this, but apparently I could’t make it clear. I am sorry for that.

      • Mattia from Italy

        I know the situation and I know the name and the location of this beach with caves. It’s a shame and local tourism industry publicizes it a lot. Sadly Greeks don’t care very much about nature protection. Until, one day, too much is too much, and the Seals will leave the location.

  • aldo20000

    yes Greeks don’t care about nature protection but the monk still exists… in italy we made it extinguish directly….

  • John Rogers

    Ralf, glad to see your report. I saw one in 2019 from the ferry between Zakynthos and Kefalonia and did not realize at the time how rare they are, and had wondered if it was a known population or a straggling vagrant.


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