Kenya 2022

I was lucky enough to spend most of 2022 in Kenya, doing fieldwork for my PhD. From my base at the Mpala Research Centre in Laikipia, I took mammal-watching expeditions all around the country, seeing over 150 species in the course of the year.

Amongst the many highlights were Aardvark, Naked Mole Rat, Maned RatTana River MangabeyHarrison’s Giant Mastiff BatCaracal, AardwolfZorilla, African Clawless and Spotted-necked Otters, Giant Forest HogWeyns’s Duiker and Hirola.

Mammals of Kenya 2022

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  • Charles Foley

    Great report Ben. You really swept up on the Kenyan species.

  • Antee

    Nice report!

    Just a thought. Isn´t the Blue monkey at Mt Kenya in fact Sykes monkey?

    • bnchapple

      Thanks! The Mammal Diversity Database has Cercopithecus mitis as a single species that I refer to as Blue Monkey. The Blue Monkeys on Mt Kenya are C.m.kolbi – Kolb’s Monkey

  • dactylor

    Wow Ben amazing report such a wealth of information and amazing effort to put it all to paper.

  • Jon Hall

    I have only just gotten around to lookng at this. Bloody hell. Amazing report! Thanks for taking the time to write all this up

  • Ian Thompson

    This is the most epic trip report I have ever read. Congratulations, Ben!

  • vnsankar

    Finally got the time to give this amazing document a detailed read. Congrats, Ben, on all the great species & photos! And happy I could help in a small way with this success. I’m glad to see it was another Kenya report that broke my record 🙂

    • bnchapple

      Thanks so much, Venkat – I’m very grateful for all your help. And I can scarcely imagine how many species you’d have found in 10 months!


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