Latest Mammal List League Table – All (mammal) Species

We’ve just added a third mammal listing league table to

The cat and primate listing league tables have been up for a few months now and I’m happy to see more people adding and updating their lists. The  third league table  – a place for you to share you mammal life list – is now up there too.

Many of us listers were using to share our life list total but something has gone wrong with the site and all the information has disappeared. Let’s share them here instead.

To add you life lists (cats, primates or all mammals) you need to create an account here – or login to your account – then click on My Account from the top menu. From there you will see the links to add or manage your lists (or simply click here).

At this point you can add your lists as PDFs and share them.

It is as simple as that … or ought to be!

it is tempting to add more league tables – cetaceans, ungulates, bats, marsupials … I for one would keep a list of everything given the chance! But I am not sure there is really much demand from anyone other than me! But if you are keen to see those – or any other group – featured please let me know.



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Jon Hall


  • BrettHartl

    Thanks for doing this Jon, was a real surprise when Surfbird site imploded…

  • MarkTasker

    Sad that Surfbirds went wrong, but always felt a little clunky. I’d be happy to see a cetacean or marine mammal addition to these lists

  • Stuart Chapman

    Thanks Jon, such a pity all the mammal lists on surfbirds were deleted. What a mess. Thanks for setting up the new mammal list . I would vote for the addition of a Canid list.

  • Daan Drukker

    I love this. Interesting choices to be made though: do you count wild non-natives? And why are there options to count domesticated species (dromedary, house cat etc.)? Are they even species? And on a side note: who would ever have guessed that Long-tailed Weasel would be in a different genus than Ermine?

    • Jon Hall

      Ah Daan, these are the eternal questions that are bigger than “what is the meaning of life?”. For the taxonomy I am following the Mammal Diversity Database which is the best and most uptodate there is. I do count wild non-natives (much as I think birders do .. or used to) though I obviously prefer to see them in their original range. Then again what is “wild”? … obviously people can count whatever and how they want to but at least their is a standardized taxonomy here which doesn’t include – for example – many of those ungulate species that appeared in the HBMW but have now been dropped by them. And even if you don’t count “feral cat” on your cat life list (as many don’t) then if you have seen it then why not add it to this list just for consistencies sake.

      • Daan Drukker

        In the birders world whether or not to count wild non-natives is culture dependant. The Dutch for example tend not to count wild non-natives, and the Belgians are even stricter. WP-twitchers from other countries on the other hand twitch the weirdest exotics as long as they are considered self-supporting and I’ve understood that the Americans also tend to count wild non-natives for their life list. I’ve uploaded my list in the new feature (I don’t see it yet btw) including the wild non-natives that I’ve seen, but excluding semi-wild domesticated species (dromedary, house cat, domesticated camel). I’ll do a quick count of species that I’ve only seen in their non-native range, because that’s always nice to focus on when you visit their native range in the future.

        • Jon Hall

          Thanks Daan. I didn’t realize the differences between countries’ attitudes. Though it hardly surprises me now I think about it! Your list is up there at no 8. Or are you looking for a different list.

  • NickCox

    I did wonder if I was the one who crashed the list – I was in Peru at the time and re-added by total, and for a brief moment I was number one on the life list! Now back to reality 😀


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