Mammal Fans in Anchorage, Alaska?

Are there any folks who would like to join me for some mammalwatching near Anchorage, Alaska in early June 2024?  I’d like to see Dall Sheep, Mountain Goat, Collared Pika, Northern Red-backed Vole, Hoary Marmot, etc.  Renting a car for just one person is stunningly expensive.  I’ll be checking birdingpals to see if any birders there want to look for mammals.

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Cathy PAsterczyk


  • Jon Hall

    Hi Cathy – not sure how much hire car research you have done but I know that some of the local companies in Alaska are a lot cheaper to rent from than the bigger chains that come up on Expedia and the like. Hope you get some company!

  • wildlife_watcher

    Check thrifty car rental


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