Mammal watching in Holland

Short trip report to Holland during summer 2023 in a nice photo hide.

Holland 2023 trip report

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  • Lennartv

    Glad you liked it there! I was there myself just a bit later than you on August 5. It might be worth checking your images on the possibity you’ve seen Yellow-necked Mouse (Apodemus flavicollis). That’s the only species I’ve seen there although Wood Mouse is of course very much a possiblity as well. The chestband is an easy feature to distinguish them both. On your picture it’s difficult to judge.

    • samuelmarlin

      Thanks for the feedback Lennart. I’ve looked at the other photos I have and difficult for me based on the fur colors I could distinguish on the chestband if it is a “flavicollis” or a “sylvaticus” mouse…

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