Mammalwatching at the British Bird Fair … plus order your mammalwatching tee shirts!

Charles Foley and I are giving a talk at the Global Bird Fair in the UK on Saturday July 13 at 5.30: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. You can probably guess what it is about. If you are at the fair then we’d love for you come along to show your support and help try to convert a few more birders to the one true faith. Plus – for Charles and me – there is safety in numbers.

More generally please let me know if you will be at the Bird Fair on the Friday or Saturday and want try to meet up.

I am also very excited to unveil a new world first in fashion, the official mammalwatching tee shirt. This exclusive item, modelled here by mammalwatcher Sierra Foley – our in house style guru who also designed the 3 Wise Mammalwatching Monkeys logo – is already hotly tipped to define the look of the summer of 2024. Well it will for me.

So if you want to be even cooler or more beautiful than you already – hard to imagine for many of us I know – are then look no further.

I can bring a few of these to the Bird Fair so if you are interested please get in touch. Unfortunately exclusivity comes at a price of $50 a shirt, but they are at least good quality shirts … even if I haven’t washed mine yet it’s true.

I can also send them direct to people in the USA. Just get in touch.

Baseball caps may soon be an option. I bet you can hardly contain your excitement!






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Jon Hall


  • Moses Swanson the XVI

    Is there going to be an online stream of this so I can watch from Zimbabwe if we have power

    • Jon Hall

      I think that’s very unlikely I’m afraid. Sorry. Though maybe we could ask someone to film it for you.

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