Mammalwatching in Paraguay

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We are Andrey and Karina (aka The Travelling Zoologists), two zoologists, mammalwatchers and wildlife guides from Russia who moved to Paraguay a year ago. We have spent this year in active investigation of wildlife-watching opportunities in this incredible country. During our field trips we prioritized mammals but birds were pretty much in our focus too. We travelled to many spots mentioned in trip reports and explored some totally new locations. In most promising places we stayed for weeks and sometimes months doing day and night drives and walks, camera trapping, testing the “waiting-by-waterhole” strategy and trying photography hides.

In short, we found that Paraguay is not the easiest, but definitely an offbeat, enigmatic and rewarding wildlife-watching destination. Rich biodiversity preserved within the last refuges of globally endangered ecosystems combined with very limited tourism makes Paraguay a truly unique destination for adventurous nature lovers. In our opinion, Paraguay is perfect for those who miss true wilderness and want to meet face-to-face with wild nature.

By this stage, we planned to launch our own mammalwatching tours in Paraguay. But life is life and we have to postpone our plans and spend some time outside the country for medical reasons. Nevertheless, we are eager to share the experience we’ve got and the information we’ve gained. So, we offer free-of-charge consultancy for any traveller planning a trip to Paraguay to watch and/or photograph wild animals. We can give recommendations about specific locations, timings and accommodations based on your specific interests and trip goals. Our advice may be particularly useful for the travellers who want to go without a guide or add an unguided leg to their guided tour. Travelling the Paraguayan wilderness by yourself is not for the fainthearted, but it’s possible, it’s exciting and it’s unforgettable.

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  • Jon Hall

    Sorry you have had to postpone your plans guys – and hope things work out well. But thank you for this very generous offer. It is a great country as you say. (PS I thought of you and your podcast when we met a Long-beaked Echidna in Papua last month)

    • Karina and Andrey

      Thank you so much, Jon! Sooner or later we hope to make things happen in Paraguay!
      Regarding the Long-beaked Echidna in Papua… to see one in the wild is a good enough reason to travel any distance. Even another planet would do! The success of your trip left us no choice….we just have to go one day.

  • Jon Hall

    No choice indeed!!

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