Mammalwatching Oman 2023

Dear Mammal Watchers,

My name is Nick Peeters and this is my first post on this forum, which I only just got to know.

Last month I traveled to Oman with three friends to enjoy nature here for sixteen days.

In the end it unintentionally turned into a rather fanatical mammal trip, of which I would like to share my report with you via the attached PDF.

Hope you like it. Kind regards, Nick Peeters

Mammalwatching Oman 2023

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Nick Peeters


  • Manul

    Welcome to the mammalwatching community Nick 🙂
    Great first trip report with brilliant sightings!

  • Jon Hall

    What a great report! Oman is becoming a top mammalwatching destination

  • JanEbr

    Wow, some species I had even no idea that you *can* see them in Oman. Now I feel like we did not do very good job mammalwatching there 🙂 Would be nice to hear some more details on the locations of the sightings.

  • JimBo

    Hi Peter, thanks for this very interesting and increbible report !
    I’ll be for the second time in South Oman for Mammals Watching the last week of October and firts week of Novembre.
    I’m very interested by some of your encounters : Blanckford’s Fox, Caracal, Striped Hyaena, WT Mangoose…. May you give me some locations, please ?
    I’ll be pleased to give you up-to-date informations if you visit South of France or some other places I’ve visited (Western Sahara, Andalousia, …).
    Best regards

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