Mega Expedition to Brazil!

Hello fellow Mammalwatchers!

Looking for a Fellow Wildlife Watching enthusiast for an Upcoming Summer in Brazil.  Please check out the itinerary in this post to see what I have arranged this summer.  As of now I am traveling solo but I would be interested in splitting costs for transportation and guides.  As you may know, Brazil is VERY expensive these days.  It is a very ambitious itinerary with loads of hopeful targets that you can see on the itinerary.  The trip is basically divided in to three major sections – Atlantic Rainforest, Amazona, Pantanal – so it is a pretty comprehensive expedition.  There are two weeks in the middle where I am deviating off to Chile (Atacama Desert) and Ecuador (Bear, Tapir, Coati and more).  Details of this section are not yet available.  This trip will be fully guided by reputable mammal guides through out.

So please do take a look if you are interested.  I have not worked out rates yet – I will wait to see if there is any interest out there before I request such information from my team in Brazil.  Cheers


Expedition to Brazil

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  • tomeslice

    Hi Coke,
    This is a great itinerary! I wish I could join 🙂
    May I suggest – there are some places where you only designate 1 evening or morning for “key” species (like maned wolf). I would suggest if you have 1-2 key species that you really don’t want to miss, maybe dedicate 2 evenings for them, or even 3.

    Otherwise, it looks amazing and I’m sure I’ll be reading the report with envy 🙂

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