MONGOLIA: Winter Cat Quest!

This was Wise Birding’s fifth tour to Mongolia but the first during the winter months. In fact, we believe this tour was the first dedicated mid winter Snow Leopard tour to Mongolia by a UK wildlife watching company, therefore we were determined to make it a success! The focus of the tour was to see both Snow Leopard and Pallas’s Cat during the mating season when Snow Leopards in particular, become more visible and vocal and easier to track in snow. Similarly Pallas’s Cat are also active at this time.

Was the tour a success?
Both target species seen incredibly well and hopefully the photos and video links speak for themselves.
In addition to Snow Leopard and Pallas’s Cat we also saw a good selection of other mammals including  Argali, Mongolian and Goitered Gazelles, Corsac Fox and Przewalski’s Horse. 

Mongolia in Winter: Cat Quest!

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