Nepal/North India/anywhere jungle film spot tips…

Hi fellow mammalfreaks,

I am planning a wildlife filming trip for feb/march next year. I have got this offer for two weeks in Chitwan, including two guides, transportation, park fees, food, sleep etc for €2900,-

That is somewhat above my budget, but it sounds pretty luxurious for someone who likes to just walk, drive and snorkle around looking for any wild animal to film up close (I also prefer seeing as many possible mammals as possible, but then again; I am also not your typical just-mammal-list collector). My initial aim was to just find a nice jungle cabin where I could walk and film around by myself, somewhere in some South-east Asian or South-American pristine jungle, but as I have never seen a tiger I now am thinking more of Nepal/India (I was looking for Nepal, because it seems to be less in-your-face than India and I don’t want my trip to be ruined by uhhh… any form of food-shit).

If you might know of any better Chitwan (Bardia? Kaziranga?) bargains or if you know of any superior jungle spot elsewhere I would love to know!

Sincerely, Jeroen Verhoeff


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  • PaintedTraveler

    Hi Jeroen,
    My timeline is a touch later than yours but I’m looking at an India trip for tigers and a few other species for probably May 2025 if you’re interested in joining forces.

  • jeroen

    I think I will do 2024 anyway, but I might still be interested in the year after too; thanks!

  • jeroen

    I booked a package deal for one week Bardia and one week Chitwan in february; 2 official guides mandatory; just me for €2500,-. Hope I’ll see something…

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