New Podcast Episode: Bradley Trevor Greive

This month’s podcast features Australian author, broadcaster and wildlife nut Bradley Trevor Greive (BTG) from his home in California.

BTG has an extraordinary CV: he was a paratrooper and cartoonist before becoming a successful author and broadcaster. In between he found time to win the French Polynesian Rock Lifting Championship, graduate from the Russian Cosmonaut Space Program, spend 6 years working on Brown Bears in Alaska and still practice on his ukulele. And he devotes considerable energy to supporting conservation work around the world. As you might imagine we had plenty to talk about.

In an entertaining hour Bradley talks about some of his formative experiences with wildlife as a child living around the world, his research work with the enormous Brown Bears of Alaska’s Alexander Archipelago, and some of the many painful encounters he has had with wildlife along the way. He has plenty of useful advice that every mammalwatcher needs to hear. For instance you will learn what not to wear if you don’t want a flying fox to ejaculate into your ear, and what not to do if it happens anyway.

You can stream the episode here of find it on Spotify, Apple and other podcast platforms.

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Cover art: BTG by Stacey Lorraine.

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