New Podcast Episode: John Newby founder of Sahara Conservation

In this month’s episode of the mammalwatching podcast we talk to the legendary John Newby about his 50 years in Chad and Niger working to save some of the rarest antelopes in the world. This is a fascinating story, which begins in the 1970s when John recalls seeing vast herds of Oryx, Addax and Dama Gazelle in the Sahara. Yet 15 years later these species had reached the edge of extinction. A warning on how quickly things can change. But this is also a story of hope and of nature’s resilience when it is is given a chance: thanks to the work of John and his colleagues at Sahara Conservation these iconic antelope – the “children of Chad” – are living wild there once again.

You can stream it here or search for ‘mammalwatching’ to download on Spotify, Apple and other podcast platforms.

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