New Trip Report: Sabah and Sarawak

Here’s a report that Adam Walleyn sent to me. As Adam notes, this birding tour report contains very little information on the mammals they saw, but I think it is worth sharing because they saw some premier league species including Bay Cat and Tufted Ground Squirrel.  And some information is better than none.

Sabah & Sarawak, 2023: Rockjumper Tours, 26 days & 57 species including Sunda Clouded Leopard, Bay Cat, Otter Civet, Spot-winged Fruit Bat and a Tufted Ground Squirrel.


Sabah and Sarawak 2023

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Jon Hall


  • Ian Thompson

    Wow! That is a tantalizing species list. Well done!

  • Alan D

    Holy $hit! Add the perfect Tarsier experience (a nemesis mammal of mine) and this was quite the trip. Maybe the key is to go looking for birds?…


    • Jon Hall

      Steady on Alan!

      • Mattia from Italy

        I know a birdwatcher that saw an Eurasian Lynx with cubs in a meadow in full daylight in Slovenia. Cubs were playing. He didn’t take a single photo because “I am not interested in it” and asked the guide (who never saw a Lynx in the day during years of guiding!) to leave the place after a few seconds…

  • GreyBoey

    Fantastic sightings of birds and mammals (bay cat? clouded leopard? come on!) long dreamt of by the rest of us.

  • Antee

    As usual no photos of those Bay cats…
    Despite looking at it for a long time it seems…

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