Northern Pantanal and Emas 9.-27.5.2023 (Jan Ebr)

Yet another Pantanal report? Haven’t we had enough of those? Maybe. But don’t you want to know how far did we get with our own inflatable boat? Or learn about other roads into the wetlands than Transpantaneira? And we also got some pretty good animals during all of that! 18 days, 36-40 species.


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  • RobJansen

    Nice report! I get really jealous about some sightings: Southern Naked-tailed Armadillo, Gray Four-eyed Opossum and Bare-tailed Opossum; all species we haven’t seen despite spending a considerable amount of time searching at the same places. Well done!

    • JanEbr

      Thanks! As I have written there, your report was a big inspiration. Also Mario says hi, he talked about you 🙂 Anyway, you had Neotropical Otter, Hoary Fox, Molina’s Skunk …. that’s what we are jealous of in return! Interesting that you hadn’t seen the four-eyes, but maybe you did not have thermal? I think I found one with a spotlight, but all the others were thermaled if I remember correctly.

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