Recent trip in Jumotsjamgkha Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhutan

Traveling to Jumotsangkha Wildlife Sanctuary in southern Bhutan is always exciting. This biodiversity hotspot is a haven for wildlife, offering visitors a chance to encounter a variety fascinating species in pristine Subtropical forest.
In my recent visit, I was lucky to spot the elusive Malayan Giant Squirrel, often seen gracefully leaping from tree to tree but this time seen it walking along the road.
Another exciting sighting was a Capped Langurs. Observing their social interactions.
The sanctuary is also a paradise for bird watchers. Among the many avian species I encountered, the majestic Rufous-necked Hornbill and Great Hornbill. These birds are not only beautiful but also plays a crucial role in the ecosystem as a seed disperser. Also sighted Black Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, Asian Barred Owlet and many more exciting birds species.. JWS is a Home for Asian Elephant, Indian Gaur and Cats species..

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