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Hello everyone. My school is going on a field trip to Durban, South Africa in January. It will mostly be focused around the city, but we will drive to the Mandela Capture Site which may have something to offer for mammal watching . I don’t expect to see more than 10 species but it’s still worth a shot.  Also if a local guide is in the area I may be able to squeeze in time for a city tour.


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Moses Swanson the XVI


  • KyleFinn

    Hey Moses, you can contact my buddy Richard McKibbin (richard@ thelionheart dot coza). He knows some spots for blue duiker, bats, and stuff. I keep meaning to get down there myself but have not had the time! When you are in the Midlands, look out for mountain reedbuck I saw some the last time I was there near the Windmills filling station (-29.305496,30.048851). If you can make a long detour the Kamberg Valley is good for grey rhebok, oribi, serval, waterbuk, molerats, golden moles, water mongoose, and otters.

    • Moses Swanson the XVI

      Thanks for the info, I never knew there was so much to see in Durban. Now I hope to see 15 species.

  • Mandy-WildCatFamily

    Hi there, you can try Durban Green Corridors – they support local guides and offer environmental trips and could probably recommend cultural guides too. https://durbangreencorridor.co.za/
    If your school could arrange a day trip to one of the game reserves that would be great and if you can stay overnight then you can go on a night drive. Not sure if you have already seen the larger mammals of Africa already. Hluhluwe-Umfolozi is the main game reserve north of Durban and that and others around the province are managed by KZN Wildlife http://www.kznwildlife.com/
    If you are not able to get out of Durban there are a number of nature reserves with walking trails, some are managed by the city and some by KZN Wildlife, but they don’t appear on KZN Wildlife website as there is no accommodation there. The best list is on Wikipedia! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nature_reserves_in_eThekwini I am sure Durban Green Corridors can also help you work out the best way to visit them. I have seen blue duiker and mongoose in them and of course vervet monkeys.
    KZN is short for KwaZulu-Natal which is the name of the province where Durban is and the new name for Durban is eThekwini.
    Regards, Mandy

    • Moses Swanson the XVI

      I can try to desperately beg for an extra day. Also I have seen the larger, more well known mammals of Africa. I’m missing the duiker and other antelope like rhebok.


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