Singapore and Johor, Malaysia, July 2023

A very brief trip to Singapore and potentially a good mammal watching site in Johor, Malaysia. Species seen include Raffles banded langur and southern pig-tailed macaque.

Singapore and Johor Malaysia July 2023

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Michael Johnson


  • JanEbr

    You say that Panti requires a permit – did someone check it? When we were there in 2018, the bunker road was freely accessible – well until same gate many kilometers deep, but that looked like there is some mining behind it, not related to conservation. Hiring a car in Malaysia is indeed straightforward, the driving is really cultured there as well.

    • Michael Johnson

      True, nobody checked and you could just drive down the road. However my guide said that checks are made from time to time. I imagine the ramifications’ for him as a professional guide in not having a permit might be different to the ramifications’ for you or me. There is a good chance we could get away with a “sorry, didn’t know”.

      • JanEbr

        Thanks, good to know! I was in Panti only for one morning, just checking the birds, but it really looks like an interesting place for animals in general, particularly considering that there isn’t that much room to access forest freely in peninsular Malaysia. Btw. for us this very sign is iconic, that’s where we started collecting a photo album of animal warning signs from all around the world, which we call “AWAS” 🙂


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