South west Western Australia March 2023

2 weeks around SW Western Australia, including the iconic quokka and numbat, and the extremes of pygmy Blue Whale and tiny honey possum.

South west Western Australia March 2023

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Warren Gilson


  • CatherineG

    Great report, thanks for sharing! Honey Possum is on my wanted list, now I have a ready-made trip to get me started.

    • Warren Gilson

      No worries, Catherine – best of luck for your future trip. I tried using a thermal scope to locate honey possums in the hope that at 6am they would still be significantly warmer than the surrounding foliage. It certainly showed up the bees and birds competing for nectar. I personally found it more successful to look for small twitchy movements – grass blades moving individually, movement across the stationary banksias, etc.
      The best place I found (on others’ recommendations) – turn right out of the caravan park entranceway, then down a sandy track about 50 m on the left. In March when I went, there was at least 200 m of trail thick with Banksia scrub to explore. 🙂

  • Jon Hall

    Thanks for posting this Warren. I was about to ask the same question about thermal scopes and honey possums. Impressive you found the without assistance!

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