Southern India, January 2023

A slightly belated report from the start of the year, when I spent a couple of weeks mopping up on birds and mammals I hadn’t seen on previous visits to India, The ground arrangements were made through  Kalypso Adventures, who I would recommend without hesitation; 39 species were identified, highlights including Dhole, Brown Palm Civet, Lion-tailed Macaque and Malabar Grey Slender Loris.



Southern India, January 2023

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  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Mike. Looks like a very successful trip and what a superb photo of a Lion-tailed Macaque! I heard this week that the Malabar Loris is being split from Loris lydekkerianus into L. malabaricus. I only skimmed the report so far but how many mammal species did you see in total?

  • mikehoit

    That macaque was a real poser, almost too close for taking phone pics through my scope! Very interesting about the loris, thanks – having seen both that’s not too much of a shock. I should have added a trip list, but I make it 39 species identified (assuming I’m right on the rat and fruit bat IDs) & added it to the post.


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