Southern Spotted Skunk at Ostional, Costa Rica 2022 (Hugh Paxton)

This is an interesting report from a friend of mine, Hugh Paxton, who spent two weeks in Costa Rica last year to watch turtles hatch en masse. He saw some nice mammals including a Southern Spotted Skunk (Spilogale angustifrons) a species that seem to be quite common in the village. A beautiful mammal and generally very hard to see: outside of one location in Nicaragua I don’t remember seeing any reports of this species.

Here is Hugh’s video of the beast.

And another of vulture’s feasting on newly hatched turtles.


Turtle Diaries Ostional Beach

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  • ChrisD

    Over the holidays in 2022, my family and I stayed in a house in Playa Pelada Costa Rica. We had a Southern Spotted Skunk come into the house and spray outside (it stunk for days!). Playa Pelada is just a few miles south of Ostional….so I can corroborate that this stretch of coast may be a decent spot for this skunk.


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