Squirrel Field Guide Western Africa

Hi everyone!

The Provisional Field Guide to the Squirrels and Anomalures of Western Africa is finished and now available on the Mammalwatching Resource page. Download it HERE.

The field guide comes with a set of sound recordings, which can be downloaded here. If you are planning a trip to Western Africa, make sure to download the sounds to your phone. To download the sounds, right click on the track, open in new tab and right click again. Only at that time you’ll see an option to download.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! If anyone has any remarks, extra characters, photos or sound recordings, please let me know! As you see it is “provisional”. One day I hope to make a final version, but first I will have to pay some more visits to these amazing countries.


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Daan Drukker


  • Manul

    Wow this is great, thank you for sharing your work!

  • CatherineG

    What a fantastic resource! 👏👏👏 So useful to see the specific identifying marks and differences between the possible species!

  • Charles Foley

    That’s a fantastic effort Daan. Well done for tackling a hugely difficult group of animals. I greatly look forward to using this in the field.

  • Mehdi

    An amazing resource that will definitely come in handy for anyone trying to identify or just learn about squirrels of West Africa, certainly a fantastic but tricky group in my opinion (for having experienced them in Ghana and less so the two species in Morocco as well). Great job!

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