Sumatran Striped Rabbit seen Gunung Kerinchi!

Mammal watchers may be interested to know that Rob Tizard and I had two sightings of what was presumably the same Sumatran Striped Rabbit on Gunung Kerinchi on 12 November 2023. I saw it at 3:48AM, it was on the main hiking trail to the summit viewed from less than 10 metres, it then hopped slowly off the trail and I lost it in dense vegetation. It was slow moving and fairly unconcerned by my presence. Rob was walking the same trail, but more slowly, and had a second sighting of the rabbit about 20 minutes after me. He saw it about 400m closer to the entrance to the forest, and it was doing a similar thing. Our guide (Dwi) said that it was his first nocturnal sighting of the rabbit in 11 years, although he had flushed one from its sleeping hollow on one or two occasions when walking off trail.

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