Tasmanian Devils at Maria Island

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I’m seeking for information about devils on Maria Island, Tasmania. We will be camping on the island for only 1 night, so I want to maximise the chances of seeing one. There is limited information in the trip reports available so any information is welcome. Alternatively, other information besides staying at the mountain wilderness lodge about Devils is welcome too. We are staying at the Pepper Cradle Mountain Lodge, but I presume there are no/very few recent records of wild Devils at that place?



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  • Alan D

    Hi Tjeerd. We did a day trip to Maria Island in March 2020. While we didn’t see a devil there, a group of people did that were on the ferry leaving the island with us. They saw it right around all the main buildings. Back then, they lived under one of the buildings. I am sure a ranger or other employee on the island can let you know if this is still the case. Here is my report from that one day: https://focusedonnature.blogspot.com/2020/03/tasmania-day-18-maria-island.html

    Hope this helps a bit.

  • Jap@a

    Back in december 2019, they were very easy when camping on Maria Island. They walked around the campsite, sniffing all the tents.
    We did see them on ‘mainland Tassie’ as well while spotlighting, my observations are all on observation.org

  • JohnWright

    Hi Tjeerd, I assume you know that devils aren’t indigenous to Maria Island. They were put there as a safeguard population in case all the devils on Tas died out due to the face cancer disease. So, could be seen as a big open air zoo!!! Having said that my understanding is that they are breeding and doing well on Maria Island which is excellent news. The best chance to see them on Maria is to stay a night or two.

  • tjeerdburger

    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I know they are introduced to Maria Island, not ideal, but I take it for granted. At the Mountain Wilderness lodge they are fed every evening, which does not feel very ‘wild’ as well. I stil have a little bit of hope I might encounter one while spotlighting at Cradle Mountain.

    Jap@a, I’ve seen your observations, thanks. However, I can’t see any observations on the ‘mainland’ and the exact locations on Maria Island are hidden. So, do you have any additional information you can share?

    @Alan, yes I’ve read your blog. Very entertaining and helpfull, super!

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