Thank you all!

Can you believe it is almost 6 months since the rebuilt went live? Time flies when you are stuck in West Papua eating nothing but rice…. During those (almost) six months us mammalwatchers have shared 200 new posts, many of which have been read more than 500 times: Venkat Sankar’s 2022 Colombia report, the first to appear on the rebuilt site, comes in top with about 1100 reads. So please know that while people don’t often comment on reports, everything is being read – and continues to be read – more than you might think. In other words: keep them coming!

As the site grows it gets more expensive to run so a special shout out to those who have ‘bought me a coffee’ this year and to all the mammalwatching tour companies and guides who are paying to advertise on the site. Your support is keeping the website up and running.

A reminder that if you are searching for a guide in-country, or an organised mammalwatching trip, a great place to start is our directory of tour operators. Anyone with the wisdom to advertise on this site clearly deserves your business and gets the mammalwatching concept!  Check out the adverts in the directory for: Adventure Alternative Borneo; Asian Adventures; Cat Expeditions; China Mammal Tour; Enigmatic Wildlife; Ficus Wildlife (India); Harrier Tours (Uganda); Milentours (Costa Rica); NatureTrek; Regina Ribeiro (Brazil);  Royle Safaris; Vana Safaris (India); WildWings; Wild About Colombia; Wise Birding Holidays; and 1StopBorneo. Between them they cover most of the planet and many many mammals.

Also a special thanks – again – to Re:wild for supporting the rebuild of the site because they recognise the potential mammalwatching has to help conservation.

And last – but very much not least – thank you everyone who has taken the time to post trip reports and comments this year (yes, even Katy Hall) and for being such a positive and friendly bunch of people.

What plans to people have for the rest of the year? After way more than my fair share of mammals in Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Texas and West Papua this year I’m going to have hang up my binoculars for the next few months.  Or try to.



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Jon Hall


  • Antee

    Plans for 2023:
    Leaving for Ecuador in 2 weeks time. Hoping to nail this Oncilla guy…

    Beginning of September. Going to Dovre in Norway for the Musk ox. Easy roadtrip from my hometown in Sweden.

    Then in either December or April 2024 a tour to Chile for the Andean cat, Kodkod and Puma.

    Thanx alot for a great community!

  • Jon Hall

    Fun plans! Looking forward to the successful reports.

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