The Bahamas, 2021

A brief report from a non-mammal focused trip to the Bahamas a few years ago that turned up a couple species of interesting Bat. Seeing as how there was a recent RFI from someone visiting the Bahamas, I thought my notes from this trip may pose useful for future travelers.

The Bahamas, 2021

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William Henri Lewis


  • Jon Hall

    Thanks William!

  • KyleFinn

    Nice, I was there in 2013-14 with Kelly Speer as part of a collecting trip with the Florida museum. We went to various caves on Long Island. The best was Hamilton Cave (it doesn’t seem to be on Google Maps any more…). There was also a cave at 23.10612, -75.00901 across from Hillside Foods, if I remember right this one may be on private property but ask the people in Hillside Foods if they can put you in touch with the owners. I saw Erophylla sezekorni , Macrotus waterhousii, and Tadarida brasiliensis. But both Nyctiellus lepidus, Eptesicus fuscus were present in the back of Hamilton Cave too high up to capture. I also managed to find a couple Bahama boas in the root masses in the cave at Hillside Foods.

    • KyleFinn

      Note I think all the caves are on private property, but everyone was friendly there. So just ask around and people can point you in the direction of the land owner.

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