The Bristle-spined Porcupine ( Chaetomys subspinosus) and Northern Maned Sloth (Bradypus torquatus) in Bahia Brazil

In the Aruá Forest ( we find endemic and threatened species such as the Northeastern Sloth (Bradypus torquatus) and Black Hedgehog (Chaetomys subspinosus).


The maned sloth, previously described as a single species for all of Brazil, was recently divided into two species after a large study carried out by the Tamanduá Institute, under the leadership of Flávia Miranda (Journal of Mammalogy, Volume 101, Edition 1, February 2023 , pages 86-103, https://org/10.1093/jmammal/gyac059). This study demonstrated that two species of maned sloth can be recognized: the northern maned sloth (Bradypus torquatus) that occurs in Bahia and Sergipe and the southean maned sloth (Bradypus crinitus) that occurs in Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, with Praia do Forte being the largest area of occurrence for the Northeastern Sloth in all of Brazil.


The Bristle-spined Porcupine ( Chaetomys subspinosus) , a species considered extinct for 30 years and rediscovered by researchers in the 1980s, has a decreasing population and can still be seen here, making the Aruá Forest an international mammalwatching route. .

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  • Therabu

    I can confirm that maned sloth is easy to see there in one morning. The porcupine might take a bit more time and luck but that spot is definitely worth it.
    The pousada Arua is very nice as well, we were very well received and the birding pretty good as well. I had a Pernambuco foliage-gleaner, critically endangered and very rarely seen north-east endemic.


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