Titi monkey Santuario do Caraca

Now that A Field Guide to Larger Mammals of South America by Richard Webb and Jeff Blincow is out, and as I’m off to Bolivia soon, I have been going through my South American mammal sightings, which is something of  a challenge. When I was in Brazil in 2011, I recorded masked titi-monkey at Santuario do Caraca. Others have called the titi monkey there masked as well. John mentions masked and black-fronted. However this doesn’t fit with the range maps in the book and all the records on iNaturalist in the area, and at least one trip report, have the titi monkeys as black-fronted. Can anyone shed any light on this?



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  • ThieresPinto

    The Masked Titi has a completely black crown, like the individual in your picture. In other hand the Black-fronted Titi presents a paler crown.

  • Jon Hall

    Hi Steve, I checked with Regina Ribeiro. She says there are only Black-fronted Titis at Caraca. I’m not sure why I mentioned Masked.

  • stevebabbs

    Cheers Jon. When I went I think the gen was that Masked was the species present. I presume they have been reidentified.


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