Trip Report – Northern Madagascar Mammalwatching Tour – Royle Safaris – November 2022

After Royle Safaris’ small group tour to Central Magasacar in November 2022, Martin Royle went north on his own to scout out a new itinerary for future trips. During a busy 8 days he visited Nosy Mangabe, Cape Masoala, the areas around Maroanstetra, Ankarana, Dariana and Nosy Be. During this time he saw 38 species of mammals including 24 lemurs. Meaning that across the two trips Martin participated in back to back a total of 74 species of mammals were seen of which 47 species were lemurs. Martin has now seen 52 species of lemur – nearly half way there to all the lemur species!

Highlights from the north included a great aye-aye in Dariana, very close and engaging Tattersall’s sifakas as well as red-ruffed lemur and all of the endemic lemurs to Cape Masoala. As well as lemurs we had 2 sightings of fanaloka and several bat species in the caves of the Ankarana tsingy.

We also saw many species of birds (including several endemics) and a good haul of herps (30 species) including no less than 6 species of chameleon and 12 species of gecko. If you are interested in visiting Madagascar you need only email us at and we can provide more info to you.

Trip Report – North Madagascar Mammalwatching Tour – Royle Safaris – November 2022

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