Trip Report – Panama Mammals Tour – Royle Safaris – May-June 2023

In late May 2023 Royle Safaris ran our first mammal focused trip to Panama. We had visited the country several times previously on birding trips (particularly looking for the amazing Harpy Eagle), but with so many great mammals relatively easy to see in Panama we decided to run a dedicated mammal focused trip. We hired Jose Gabriel Martinez-Fonseca as our tour leader and with his knowledge and skills we hoped to find some of the cool bat and rodent species here as well as the more commonly seen species.

We were  very successful with 40 species seen including an impressive 19 species of bat. Some of the more unusual species found on the trip include a great Yakop sighting as well as crab-eating raccoons, armoured rat, fringe-lipped bats and Rosthchild’s porcupine. We plan to run more mammalwatching trips to Panama and if you are interested in one of these please contact us ( for more info. We could arrange a trip in 2024, but we are planning our next group tour for 2025.

Picture by Jose Gabriel Martinez-Fonseca

Trip Report – Panama Mammals Tour – Royle Safaris – May/June 2023

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