Trip report Sabah, Borneo

Yet another trip report on Borneo? Sabah is a very popular destination for birders and mammal watchers alike and both as well as have numerous trip reports about the region. However, we feel like a new report might be very useful, especially as it is self-organised and post-covid Sabah ecotourism has become quite different compared to what we read in pre-covid reports. We will try to give the relevant information per location. Sabah is a fantastic region to see mammals and birds.

We saw 71 amazing mammal species (plus some that we could not identify to species level). We added identification pointers for some of the more rarely photographed squirrels as well. Enjoy!

Trip report Borneo, Sabah August 2023

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Daan Drukker


  • vnsankar

    What a great report! So many photos of rare or poorly-known small mammals 🙂

  • craig9563

    Great report, thank you. I went to Sabah back in 2009 (not too far frorm Australia, only 8 hours or so !!) . I might need to get back there.

  • Jon Hall

    Mega mega report! Great stuff.

  • DuncanMcNiven

    Nice report. The pheasant on page 35 is a Bulwer’s Pheasant. Worth noting that Danum Valley is one of the few places, or maybe the only place, in SE Asia that four otter species have been seen seen including a quite recent observation of Hairy-nosed Otter (see

  • maurice-tijm

    Awesome report Daan and Jurriaan. Damn. Very well done and great new info. You have seen some very tricky (and highly appreciated :-p) small carnivores with banded linsang, malay weasel, sunda stink badger, binturong. Plus sun bear. And great success with the partridge family.

  • Daan Drukker

    Thanks everyone and thanks Duncan for the correction. I was clearly with my head in the section “what we missed” when making the captions 😛 As mentioned in the report we only did the hide of the Bulwer’s pheasant, and did not go to Telupid for the Peacock pheasant.

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