Two in one? Comment on the latest podcast (Saola)

These are two great podcast episodes. It was a lot of fun to listen to and very interesting. However, this time I notice the format, which doesn’t seem to be entirely consistent. For me, these are actually TWO episodes under the heading of one. I understand the concept of leading up to a main story with an introductory chapter. Of course, the content of both parts is hardly comparable. But what is more important for the community, learning about the Saola or how to successfully do mammal watching with six children? Opinions probably differ here. And there’s also a practical aspect: If I specifically wanted to look for or refer to the introductory chapter, I could have a hard time finding it in the podcast list. So in this case I wouldn’t have had anything against making the introductory chapter its own episode. But maybe the “problem” is just that you’re too good of a researcher and don’t know what to do with all that good content. 😉

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