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Good morning. afternoon, evening, or night mammal watching community. I very much know that to see the worlds mammals you have to travel to the most remote of places far from the big cities that have risen in the twenty first century. Examples include, The Amazon, West Papua, The Save valley, Mongolia, Tibet, etc. These are among the most common and most interesting trip reports but I have seen trip reports on more urban areas. Most recently when I went of task in class and started looking at the various species of weasel and saw a report on Egyptian weasel in Alexandria. This got my attention to the fact that there aren’t many reports on more Urban areas. Once during my October break I scowled the forum for trip reports on more urban areas and found relatively few trip reports. I say few but in relative to the amount of trip reports there have been. Notice the site has been around since 2005 and probably has more than 500-700 reports. So in conclusion I wright this post to encourage people to write more reports on urban mammals. Even for those who don’t get to travel much you can write a report on mammals you have seen in your city. I personally have only seen 3 species in the city I’m currently situated in but I still have posts about all 3 of them. I write this post to encourage you all to write more on the Urban areas that have some odd and spectacular mammals.

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  • jurekmammalwatching

    Good topic! Many people visit big cities for business or other reasons and have few hours to spare. Most can only dream that, sometime, they have time and money to return for a proper mammalwatching trip.

    I remember European ground squirrels and hamsters in Vienna, colugos in Singapore, capybaras near the airport in Sao Paulo, fruit bats in Brisbane, palm squirrels and macaques in India, elephant seals and Californian sealions in California.

    In Europe, beavers often occur in city rivers. Other fully urbanized mammals are West European hedgehog, common pipistrelle, stone marten and red fox. Roe deer and wild boar are often present in urban forests, big cemeteries etc.

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