Vancouver Island and Jasper, August 2023

This past summer I had the opportunity to visit Canada on a family holiday for two weeks. It wasn´t an exhaustive wildlife watching vacation, but we did a whale watching trip, and saw some other nice animals in the Rockies, managing to see 21 mammal species. The highlight of the trip were the Orcas (my first time seeing them) in North Vancouver Island.



Vancouver Island and Jasper National Park, August 2023 (Lander Zurikarai)

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  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Lander for giving the mammals a second chance! They are definitely not as hard as many people think as your trip report shows I think. And what a great Pika picture.

  • JeffHigdon

    Nice report and some great sightings!

    I haven’t managed to get a report done yet, but I was in Jasper and area in June and also had no luck with goats there. I’ve heard that the Goats and Glaciers spot doesn’t really get them anymore, but more recently was chatting with a local Jasper tour company owner who said they are reliable there, but only for a two-week or so period while moulting. They come down to the salt licks for a couple weeks before heading to higher elevations again. Early June or so I think, which was just before we were there on a birding tour. We did get them later that trip in Kananaskis, but they were so far away that they’re still on my list!

    Bears are definitely hit or miss and mainly a matter of luck. Surprised you didn’t get a black bear on Maligne Lake Road, all the same. But moose is definitely a nice consolation!

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