Vaquita and conservation

I just watched Sea of Shadows on Nat Geo. It’s about how cartel fisheries is threatening Vaquitas in the Sea of Cortez. Its extremely depressing! At our mammalwatching meeting we discussed how to support conservation projects. After watching the documantary I somewhat feel an urge to support the protection of theese small whales and though it’s probably too late my naive hope is that we somehow might be able stop the extincion af this species. It must be one of the rarest mammals on this planet… I live in Denmark and don’t know what organisation that will help most. Perhaps som of you “at the other side of the pond” have more insight into this. Sea Shepherd perhaps? If you know, let me know. I’ll probably never see a Vaquita, but hte fact that they excist is enough for me!

Sea of Shadows | National Geographic Documentary Films

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  • Sebastian Kennerknecht

    Sea Shepard is definitely doing work down there. Will ask my fiend Matt as well, who was a co-producer on the film. Also last news I heard was that there was a calf spotted. Obviously not a great situation but with 12 animals left, one calf is big deal.

  • pfaucher

    The Center for Biological Diversity based in Tucson, AZ is involved in Vaquita conservation. Here is a link to the work they’ve done and how you can help:

    They are a good organization.
    Hope this helps,

  • Jon Hall

    I spoke to Todd Pusser who has done work on Vaquita and knows some of the organizations involved. He confirmed that Sea Shepherd and the guys from Tucson are doing good work. He also said are another worthy organization.
    They put the donations directly into public outreach and into photo id studies down in Baja

  • Staylorzoo – Vaquita has been one of AZA’s SAFE (Saving animals from extinction) for a few years, even there are none our in aquariums or will there be. Zoos and aquarium have raised funds to save them in the wild.

  • WhaleLover

    Vaquita Fund, Cetos Research Organization, c/o Cetos Atlantic/Ann Zoidis, 11 Des Isle Ave., Bar Harbor ME 04609 (207)266-6252. and as Jon mentioned,

    I am going to look for that movie!

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