Western and Central India, December 2023

A natural history oriented guided tour to Western (primarily) and Central (an aside) India, proved extremely productive for the diversity (and quality of sightings) of mammals and birds, many of them regional specialities and on the pre-tour wish list. Asiatic Wild Cat, Tiger, Leopard, Asiatic Lion, Indian Wolf, Striped Hyena, Bengal Fox, Asiatic Wild Ass and Barasingha were among the 30 mammals that we saw. Indian Bustard, Syke’s and Desert Larks, Syke’s Nightjar, Trumpeter Finch, Short-eared Owl, Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse, Sarus Crane, Asian Desert Warbler, Cream Courser, Red-tailed Wheatear, Cinereous and Red-headed Vultures, Laggar Falcon and a plethora of other raptors (including an heartening surfeit of Montagu’s and Pallid Harriers at Velavadar), were among the avian highlights from the trip. There were a handful of reptiles (most seen on one warm afternoon at Gir), including an interesting Lacertid from the Desert (Anthodactylus sp.?) and even fewer frogs, that showed as well. As always Blackbuck National Park shone for the sheer abundance of highly visible wildlife, packed into this tiny space, but we had memorable sightings from all other locations as well. It was a pleasure to host Jannis and Heike, on their first visit to India.

For detailed report, please follow this link: https://ficustours.in/2024/03/21/western-and-central-india-dec-2023-raining-cats-and-dogs/

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