What If the Genus Capra spread to more of the African continent?

Hello everyone. I have decided that since my free time has grown exponentially since it is almost summer break and all we do in class is finish up old projects I decided what if I create A mini series. I know it seems childish, but I have 4 years until I’m an adult so why not live now. This series is based on my opinion and also others. It is a “weekly” series of what if….. All of them have to to do with mammal watching and some are quite interesting. For a starter I thought why not do a interesting one, What If the genus Capra spread to more of the African continent? Here are my thoughts. The only species of Capra Endemic to the African Continent is Capra walie, the Walia Ibex of Ethiopia. The Walia Ibex is native only in Simen Mountains national park which has the highest point in Ethiopia Ras Dejen. As most people on the forum know Capra are found in mountain ranges. This can be as high as the Pamir Mountains to hills in the southeast of Israel. Capra do not need to much water to survive as seen with the Nubian Ibex inhabiting desert mountains in Arabia. This answers the height needed isn’t too outrageous. Now I ask where? In my opinion the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa and Lesotho. They have a decent height and also have no predators to deal with and less competition to deal with as most mammals live on the lower slopes and the Ibex would live on the upper slopes. The species will be called Capra dragensbergi or Drakensberg Ibex. Species stats:

Iucn Red List category: Least concerned

Current Population Trend: Stable

Population: 5,000

Range Lesotho, South Africa, (Kwazulu Natal and Free state)

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