Where to see tarsiers in Makassar

I’m in makassar from now until Friday. I went to bantimurung, but only saw a waterfall. I couldn’t find any forest officers to take me to see the tarsiers. Can someone tell the exact location to go. I have few days to kill. Thank you!

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  • CarlosBocos

    Did you go to the National Park Office? There are rangers there, always. You can ask for Hendra or Pado. Good luck

    • davegeo

      Hi Carlos, thanks for the reply. I’m not sure where the office is located, just saw a ticket counter and a run down hotel. I went inside the hotel and found no one. Can you send a Google map link of the office location?

  • CarlosBocos

    XMGF+5RF, Jl. Poros Bantimurung, Jenetaesa, Kec. Simbang, Kabupaten Maros, Sulawesi Selatan 90561, Indonesia


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